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Shirlee Hallman, the owner, started Purple Aspen with one goal in mind – to leave the corporate world behind and worked herself. She developed Purple Aspen to create quality custom shirts with simple pricing and quick turnaround.

She left her career in Accounting and Finance to pursue her dream of being independent. She wasn’t sure what that would be, but knew she wanted to do something on her own. The decision came after her husband and her moved to Colorado from Iowa. She went about the business of looking for a meaningful career move and quickly came to the realization that she wanted to leave the corporate world behind. She wanted to try something new, something she hadn’t done before and that was when she started her company, Purple Aspen, in the unfurnished basement of their new Colorado home. She bought a heat press which started the clothing line.

She quickly moved from heat pressing vinyl to adding screen printing equipment. After several years she added the Direct to Garment printer which allowed her to do more intricate designs and have the ability to do full color prints.


She has always been a customer of other businesses and she has used that customer focused feeling in developing her company. When she purchased a product, she wanted the item immediately, not 2 weeks from now. She doesn’t do well with hurry up and wait and wanted the satisfaction of getting the item she purchased quickly.

She also did not believe in adding fees to everything she did. She has talked to online retailers that charged screen fees and set up fees that she didn’t understand. She wanted to make it simple, which is why she offers simple pricing with limited additional fees. Purple Aspen pricing is garment and the only additional pricing comes from any design or creative work they do.

She is dedicated to providing her clients with the highest quality Direct to Garment printed products available. She has the latest equipment and she focuses on the latest fashion and industry trends. She take pride in providing quality production, excellent customer service, a large range of garments, a quick turnaround time and competitive pricing.

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Purple Aspen in Lincoln, NE is a custom design shirt, hoodie, and general apparel print shop. We provide custom digital printing to best fit your needs. Whether you are looking to print one t-shirt for a birthday gift or multiple shirts for your business or organization we are here to help.